AngelWings are from a different dimension known as the Other Side.  They are the opposite of DemonWings in every way. While DemonWings have Vices, AngelWings have Virtues (I will get to that). AngelWings are treated with the utmost respect by the other tribes beacause of their appearence, Virtues, and powers. AngelWings are a peaceful tribe, and they have a host of defensive abilities.


AngelWings are bipedal and can be light blue or white in color, with yellow eyes, and their horns are a circle floating above their head.AngelWings stop physically ageing at the age of twenty, when they are at their physical peak. They can be killed, but will never die of age or sicknes. AngelWings each have a Virtue, a moral they embody. Their claws are straight, not curved. AngelWings have mostly the same powers as DemonWings, but when they project their souls, it is a bright white. Instead of using there powers for the offensive, AngelWings are highly trained in defensive ways.When an AngelWing is killed, they are reborn as a new drgonet. Their powers are:

  • Astral Projection
    1. This allows them to make a shield
  •  Portal Creation
    1. Intredimensional
    2. Transportation
  • Healing
    1. AngelWings heal by bringing the injury upon themselves
    2. AngelWings have a rapid healing factor, but they can be killed by a fatal wound


AngelWings are named for their Virtue, so common names are Love, Forgiveness, Mercy, etc. AngelWings are ruled by a monarch, but they do challenges a bit differently. Any challenger will be accepted, but they do not fight. AngelWings all vote for whom they want to be the monarch, and the victor can be challenged in a year. Because no one needs food or water, they dont have to hunt and most are content.