Pale blue, green or gray in color, and in a rare event sometimes a rosy pink. They have extremely skinny bodies and legs but a very large chest storing a large heart. On the sides of their necks they curved gills. They have large ears used for echolocation. They have large eyes with no pupils that glow in the deep water. They can create clicks and whistles like dolphins. On the end of the tail they have a sort of kelp shaped end that has holes each AbyssWing has different hole locations and sizes. There tails are extremely long and drag on the ground out of water there tails are used for dime quick turns. They have no wings seeing as how they can get along without them. They have fins on their legs next to there feet. their claws are extremely blunt and small.


They can dive to extremely deep depths and go a long time without food since its scarce in such deep waters. There eyes can look short distances through the midnight zone. They can swim extremely fast.  (They have no natural weapons)


they can only stay out of water for a day or two before there scales start drying out.


Before the war they were somewhat anti social but still went to the surface to trade. When the war started the Sandwings didn’t want them to be any part of it because they don’t have many powers and the powers they do have are useless for war. For years no one spotted one so they thought they had probably either retreated to the depths where no one could follow, or they died out. No one knows what has happened to them. But they live in the deepest region of the sea and they have been for 20 years.