Golden dragon by daeigira blood-d3i6t2k

The last of the BrightWings

BrightWings could have precious silver on their scales when they are in their egg. Their egg has a powerful protection of precious metal and it is the metal that the mother has on her scales, but sometimes they come out looking like their mother.

BrightWings could have Orange, Yellow, Silver, Copper, Bronze, Gold and other precious metal colors. To define a BrightWing they are not Rainbow colors, but gold and so on. They can have color changing eyes.

Rare BrightWings

The rare Green BrightWing has the ability to see through walls and over time they learn to control it. If they have any green on them if it is fully or just partially then it is still considered the rare BrightWing

Bronze Dragon by darknatasha

Rare Bronze and Green BrightWing


BrightWings if have enough power can spit out blinding rays at their enemies and on bright days or nights they spread their wings to the rays and can radiate out blinding light that can blind any dragon. They have the heaviest, but strongest armor in the dragon kingdom. 

BrightWing Names

Jewel, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Spinel, Opal, Garnet, Moonstone, Sulgilite.