These dragons hail from a different dimension called the Other Side.  They are not evil in nature, but struggle to control their Fault (I will get to this later). They are called demons by the other tribes because of their strange powers, Faults, appearence, and origins. Most DemonWings reside in the Other Side, but they are often seen in Pyrriah. They exist on the physical plain, as well as the astral plain. Because of their physiology, this tribe does not need food or water to survive.


DemonWings are bipedal. DemonWings are usually black or other dark, indigo, or other dark colors, but there eyes are blood red. They can also have red patterns contrasting their dark scales. These dragons have one Fault, a sin which they embody, but as they grow older, they can learn to control their Fault. DemonWings stop physically ageing at the age of twenty, when they are at their physical peak. They can be killed, but will never die of age or sickness. DemonWings have a host of offensive powers, but they are easily injured. Some powers they possese are...

  • Astral projection
  1. This can be used to possese objects, and control them, as a form of telekinesis.
  2. They can also create objects, such as an arm or spear, through astral projection, but this takes almost all their attention.
  • Hellfire
    1. Burns forever
  • Portal Creation
  1. Intredimensional 
  2. Transportation method
  • Mind influence
  1. Different than mind control, they make suggestions, and if the target has a weak will, they will obey.


DemonWings are named for their Vice, so common names are Envy, Anger, Hatred, etc, and because of this, most DemonWings dont get their name until the age of one, when their Vice manifests. Although they are seen as demons, they are still civilized. They are ruled by a monarch, but they dont fight to the death. A challenge goes like this: when a dragon recieves a fatal wound, they yield, and an AngelWing will heal the loser, who is then banished from the Other Side. The victor then takes the throne and cannot be challenged until they have had another full year reign. Because they dont need food and water, no one has to hunt, so everyone can do whatever they want. They are allied with the ShiftWings and AngelWings , although even their allies are a bit wary of DemonWings.