Note: If you have a tribe that is features dragons like these, my apologies. If you tell me, I can get rid of this page.

FaerieWings are dainty, magic-wielding dragons.


FaerieWings can come in any color. They have huge, iridesent wings, like a fairy's or a butterfly's. Glittering in every color of the rainbow, their limbs are dainty with very prehensile hands. They grow manes down their heads and backs, with the female's mane longer. They are very tiny compared to other tribes, but their quickness, wit, and magic still make them formidable. A curling, twisting spout of antenea spout for their heads. The older and stronger they are, the bigger and more beautiful their antenae become.


FaerieWings have their own magic, dubbed "Fae Magic". They can enchant any object smaller than themselves, guide a projectile's path, and hover things around. An animus FaerieWing will have it's natural magic doubled, plus the normal animus power, making a FaerieWing animus slightly more dangerous than another tribe animus. They have a way with words, and can write excellent poetry or taunt their enemies. The more FaerieWings working together to enchant an object, the more power they can use.


Because of their small size, a hard blow can take one down during battle. If they use too of their magic at once, they will fall asleep right where they are to recharge, which is a huge disadvantage. Their great love for shiny or sweet things can allow a weaker one to be bribed. They can get so caught up in their teasing that they forget to pay attention to the fight. Their scales are actually rounded feathers that are very vulreable to flame.


Their small size allows FaerieWings to nest almost anywhere, but their main kingdom is on the island of Flora. They love to make charming little nests in trees, flowers, or under large plants. They use their wit and dexterous claws to make careful contraptions that lift food and carry dragonets. Think of what you might see in a charming fairyland, and they probably have it.