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~CyberWings~ Description: black scales with electric blue underbelly/eyes/tongues/blood, spikes on necks/backs/tails Abilities: unknown abilities Queen: Queen Virtual

LightWings: Very unknown tribe Queen: Queen VixSun, (sorry Monster Legends reference. :) )

DreamWings: Description: black-blue-purple scales, swirling nebulae, galaxies, stars everywhere on body, can mimic space Abilities: Mind Infection, Coma Venom, unknown ability Queen: Queen Jazz

BloodWings: Description: red scales with white underbelly Abilities: Life Drain Queen: Queen Bat

CloudWings: Description: gradient sky colors, can mimic the sky and weather

Abilities: CloudWings can breathe a white-hot flame, the heat of which has no known comparison. They are strong flies due to their large wings, and very capable fliers. They are quite agile, both in the sky, on the ground, and underwater. They can survive at extremely high altitudes, as well as extreme heat and cold. They are rumored to be able to breathe water, like SeaWings, though this is only speculation. Some are even rumored to be Mind-Readers and Prophets, like NightWings born under the proper circumstances, but again, this is only speculation.

Also they can breath all sorts of weather types, lightning, fire, you name they breath it. They also have a very, very weird ability - Jumping. They can jump so they only use their wings when needed to.

All known Queens have been Animus Dragons.

Description: Physically identical to SkyWings, scales of varying shades of blue (normally either Sky Blue or Dark Blue) allowing them to blend in with the sky, Royals are known to have Aqua wing membranes and scales, and have silver scales as well. In rare cases, CloudWings have been known to have white or black scales.

Brief Info: The CloudWing Kingdom lies North-East of the Pyrrhian mainland, on a land mass known as The Isle of Skye, which has supported the Kingdom since days long before The Scorching. They have an 'understanding' with the Scavengers there, which has allowed both societies to prosper and benefit, as the CloudWings trade with the Scavengers for food and supplies otherwise unavailable on the Isle, such as cattle and exotic spices (cooking is a passion for some CloudWings, believe it or not).

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