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The first FishWing queen, Rose Among the Crashing Tides, built her palace off the coast of the Sand Kingdom. There, she helped her tribe grow into a peaceful society, that never learned to fight. 10 years later, they got stuck in a bad war, and the queen died. The one daughter she didn't give away, Tidal Pool of Night, became queen. Not wanting to die like her mother, Tidal Pool studied combat and tried to teach her subjects. 6 long years later, the FishWings were ready to battle.

After the war concluded, Tidal Pool was proud of her subjects who had worked hard to defend their kingdom. The others were shunned and sent away.

Now, Queen Nighttime in the River, rules the tribe, with noble FishWings, fighting drilled into their minds, ready to fight.


FishWings are dull, muted colors, unless they are a hybrid. They have webs between their talons, on their wrists, and at the end of their tail. FishWings have gills on their cheeks. Their claws are sharp, yet are very brittle and break easily.




Hybrid FishWing colors.


Regular FishWing colors.