Wild flower dragon by alviaalcedo-d61kn78

Flowerwings are an uncommon tribe.


Flowerwings are pink with spots that can be different colors, but mostly green. The wings match the spots. Royal Flowerwings have flowers instead of spots. In their land when one of their flowers dies, for a little bit some of their scales may turn brown because their sad. FlowerWings are very kind dragons, but if you kill one of their flowers they will try to kill you.


Flowerwings have the ability to control vines like a whip.  They can control flowers and turn into one. They can shoot beams from their mouth or claws. They can shoot flowers, but not soft flowers, flowers sharp as needles.


The queen is named queen Rose.


They live in a field where all the flowers of the world grow. Queen Rose and other Flowerwings help keep the flowers healthy and if one of the flowers dies some of the land turns brown.