Is a tribe created by FlareTheSkyWing, DarkFlameNightWing, Deathwing14 and Magic*Dragon*Girl

MEGA WIP made totally of food


There are six different types of FoodWings: Breakfast Type,  Brunch Type,  Lunch Type,  Snack Type and Dessert type.


FoodWings, depending on the type, have varying appearances. For example, the Dessert Type may have attributes like cake, like frosting on the scales, or a tail like whipped cream. The Snack Type may have chip logos and chip like scales, and may be able to spray Coke out of their front teeth. It depends on what type of food one wants their FoodWing to look like, so there would be endless possibilities of these tasty creatures.


Depending on the type and what the attributes are, FoodWings could have very different powers. If one makes a Coke themed Snack type, then the powers could vary from noxious Coke from their tails or from their teeth.