HawkWings are, despite their tiny size, the most feared dragon species.


HawkWings are about one third of the size of your average SeaWing, so, pretty tiny. They have golden brown scales that look like feathers. They have hardened, hooked yellow scales that resemble a beak, and rip and tear off scales with ease. their yellow curved talons/claws hold down an opponent while squeezing their flesh and internal organs.


HawkWings live on the rockiest expanses of pyrrhia, flying into their harsh battle training.


HawkWings used be thought of as pests living on the outline of SkyWing territory until their first queen, Queen Ripper, launched a frontal assault on the SkyWings, where only two SkyWing dragonets too young to fly survived; Queen Scarlet and Cardinal, because they hid underground and burrowed away to repopulate their tribe in new territory. That's why the HawkWings live in the ancient SkyWing territory. Today they aren't that ruthless anymore, but if they wanted to they could wipe out every species in pyrrhia.


The current queen, Queen Bloodfeather, is almost as ruthless as Queen Ripper; she kills any HawkWing dragonet who may rebel against her. HawkWing customs say if you kill the queen, you get the throne.

Historic Members

Queen Ripper: (almost) Wiped out the SkyWings and was the first queen of the HawkWings. Tear: the only surviving threat to Queen Bloodfeather, leader of HawkWing rebels