HeartWings have their place as one of the most respected tribes, despite their names.


HeartWings are pink if female and red if male. They have heart-shaped wings, giving them their name. they have curled pearl horns and pearly black claws with drops on them.


HeartWings live on Dove island. Anyone who steps there, if not HeartWings, will feel very romantic and see illusions of their perfect mates tell them they love them, and as they start mating, the illusion disappears, leaving the victim heart-broken. This is the effect of all the HeartWings living there.


HeartWings horns will make illusions as mentioned above. one drop of their claws will cause the victim to fall in love with whoever the HeartWing wills them too. Also, their wings drop a sticky substance that, overtime, will turn drive the victims mad.

Queens/Challenge system

The HeartWing queen is named Queen Dove. When talking about her tribe, she says that instead of killing like barbarians, they simply drive their opponents mad. Instead of princesses being automatic heirs, the queen chooses the dragoness that's in line for the throne. The current heir is Crystella. In a challenge, the queen chooses out of three competitions; fighting skills, flying and scavenger hunt. in fighting skills, they battle until one is defeated, the winner getting/keeping the throne. in flying, they must fly as fast as they can on a course. First one there has the throne. In scavenger hunt, they must find a specific jewel hidden on the island. The one who finds it wins the thrones.