(This tribe was made by Duskcaller the NightWing. If you would like to make a tribe member or royal family member, please ask her on her message wall. )


Iridescent purple, blue or green armored scales, they have fluffy antennae instead of horns that mark the difference between male, female, and royal family members, compact bug eyes in any color, black stingers on the tips of their long, thin tail,

and butterfly-like wings in any color. If one's antennae is silky and thin, it is male. If fluffy and wide, it is female.

If the HiveWing has very long and fluffy antennae, they are a royal family member.

They are the opposites of RainWings; instead of lounging around in the sun, HiveWings nap shortly by the moonlight and are nocturnal.


Sleep-inducing dust that they can scatter from their wings, (The dust takes about 3 minutes to put an opponent to sleep) stingers on tails hold a venom more deadly than SandWings, have phosphorescent spots that can light up like Aquatic stripes.

(The antidote to their venom is known only to them, but the antidote is simply maple syrup.)


HiveWings can drown if their wings get too waterlogged. Their eggs are very vulnerable when they are first laid, since they are like bug eggs. But, if they reach five weeks of their development, they are indestructable until hatching.


Queen Flutter, King Buzz, Princesses Flitter and Moth, and Princes Drone and Thorax.


Much like SeaWing politics, with a Council and dragons for many things like Egg Watching, Kingdom Defense, Medicine, and Teaching, to name a few.

But unlike Coral and the SeaWings, Queen Flutter truly cares about her subjects and will even die for them, making her extremely respected and loved among her tribe.


RainWings, Mudwings, CloudWings, FuryWings, GatoWings, and anyone who isn't too mean. They will gladly house any sick, hurt or dying dragon.


A huge island between the territories of SeaWings and RainWings. They have guards posted outside each point, and if an intruder is spotted, they knock them out with their sleep dust, then they "escort" them by plopping them in a boat and sending the boat off.

If an intruder seems hostile, they will not hesitate to use their stingers. After they sting a hostile, the guards take them to the infirmary and keep them drugged until the queen can investigate.