HybridWings are hybrids that formed their own tribe.

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The Hybrid Kingdom is the light gray section.


They have a large amount of land near Jade Mountain, which they own. Bordering it is the Rainforest Kingdom, the Mud Kingdom, the Kingdom of Sand, and the Sky Kingdom. Inside it is Shadowhunterthenightwing2014's Cave Kingdom, home of the StoneWings that she made.

Royal System

The HybridWing royal system is different because there is no royal family. Instead, the current queen picks an heir, and she gets trained. Then when she feels ready she challenges the queen. There is a contest, instead of a fight, because if one of them had venom or something then it would be unfair. So they do racing, and scavenger hunts, and things that dragons in general are good at. If the heir wins she is crowned queen, and if the queen wins the heir trains more then challenges again. The previous queen cannot challenge the queen because she is not the heir.