HypnoticWings are some of the most dangerous dragons in phyrria, second only to HawkWings.


HypnoticWings can be any color, as long as it's bright. Their eyes are rather hazy. Their horns are beautifully curved, and they drop a powerfully hypnotic liquid. Their wings are covered in spirals.


HypnoticWings can hypnotize other dragons, following certain steps. First, they stare into the other dragon's eyes, which causes the dragon to fall in a deep, dreamless sleep. Then, they drip the liquid coming of their horns into the dragon's mouth. Once the dragon swallows the liquid, it's memories are completely erased. Then the HypnoticWing tells them about fake memories, beliefs, and personalities. Once the dragon wakes up, it has become the dragon the HypnoticWing described to them.


The first HypnoticWing queen, Queen Spiral, hypnotized the whole tribe to be her servants, who woke up only to do her bidding. But soon, she started spreading her forces across the world of phyrria. Eventually, however, she was killed by HawkWings. This snapped all the hypnotized dragons to their senses, but none of the dragons remembered a single thing that happened to them while they were hypnotized. The first antidote to a HypnoticWing's hypnotizing was discovered by the next queen, Queen Iris. The antidote is vomi herb, which causes the dragon to vomit out the liquid.


Today, the queen is Queen Dreamy, who is a gentle, sweet tempered dragon who only resorts to hypnotization if absolutely necessary.