To make up for my horrible AnimusWings (which I don't want anyone to mention, just please don't)


MagicWings can come in either purple, white, or dark blue. Very rarely (like maybe 1/1,000,000), a MagicWing will be born black with red belly scales and blood red eyes. These MagicWings are said to be evil and are sent out of the tribe to fend for themselves. If a MagicWing is born with a pattern of swirls near their eyes, they are to be the next ruler.


They can cast a variety of spells. Using too much spells in a day can result in headaches that can last from 1-2 hours. They also cannot learn any spells that can kill a dragon.


Queen Twilight (if you get that reference, you might be an MLP fan)

King Cosmos

Princesses Elsa and Stardust