MistWings are a tribe that evolved long ago, but only OasisWings and some IceWings know about their existence. Their queen is Queen Skye. MistWings live up in the sky in cloud castles. The clouds are so dense that dragons can stand on them. There is a surplus population of MistWings, so they have to live in more than one castle.


MistWings can be white, silver, or sky blue. Their horns are normally grayish-white and curl like smoke. Mist naturally rises from a MistWing's scales when they are experiencing strong emotions. Their tails always have a sparkling spike at the end. The MistWing's natural weapon is the vapor that they breath. They can exhale poisonous green smoke, purple sleeping gas, cold blue mist, and others.


The MistWing tribe evolved around the same time as the normal seven tribes. They lived up in the sky in secret, directly above the Ice Kingdom and the Kingdom of Sand. Then, twenty years before the war of SandWing succession, the IceWing army attacked the Mist Kingdom. Queen Cloud(Skye's mother)'s huge army defeated the IceWings, and Cloud made the IceWing queen during that time, Tundra, swear not to tell anyone about the Mist Kingdom's existence. Tundra agreed because she knew Cloud's army was bigger than hers.

Past Queens (from Scorching to present)










(King) Horizon

And more.

Queen Skye

Queen Skye is a glimmering silvery-white MistWing. She has unnaturally curved claws that are razor-sharp. She particularly hates IceWings because of the time they invaded her kingdom. She loves her family very much, especially her daughters. Skye is very good friends with Queen Rainstorm of the OasisWings.

Standard Tradition

MistWings are all mostly friendly but protective. When one of the queen's heirs challenge her, they both battle like other tribes. More often, a MistWing queen gives up her throne and stays as a royal council member. MistWings are very loving, and they all love their families.


MistWings are allied only with OasisWings because a while ago, Queen Rainstorm saved Queen Skye's life when a MudWing patrol attacked her.

Royal Family (alive/recent)

Skye (queen)

Sena (oldest council member/queen's grandmother)

Cloud (queen's mother)

Vapor (king)

Zephyr (queen's father)

Diamond (oldest princess/queen's oldest daughter/heir)

Zara (princess/queen's second daughter/heir)

Sparkle (princess/queen's youngest daughter/heir)

Tempest (queen's sister/heir)

Kerra (queen's sister/heir)

Dyaus (Kerra's mate)

Celine (Kerra's daugher/heir)