OasisWings are a crossover of SandWings and RainWings. They live in the warm region where the desert meets the rainforest. Since very few SandWings and RainWings come this far, it is normally empty. OasisWings are in no way affiliated with Queen Oasis.


OasisWings have a SandWing tail barb. They can change color, but only hot colors (not including pink). They radiate a humid, dense sort of heat (like rainforest climate combined with desert warmth). OasisWings can spit venom, but their venom is the same as the venom on a SandWing's tail barb. To heal this venom, brightsting cactus is needed.


The OasisWing tribe began when a RainWing named Passion fell in love with a SandWing named Rohan. They had a daughter named Rainstorm, and Rainstorm became the first queen of the OasisWings. This all happened twenty years after Jade Mountain was saved and the lost city of night was found.

Queen Rainstorm

Queen Rainstorm was only eight years old when she became ruler. Her parents were killed by a SkyWing patrol, so she had to take over. Like MudWings, OasisWing siblings are loyal to one another. Rainstorm is moody and daring. She enjoys ruling because she likes that so many dragons rely on her. Rainstorm is allied some of the queens. She likes Queen Ruby because Ruby executed the SkyWings who killed Rainstorm's parents. Rainstorm also likes Glory because they are very similar and both are young rulers. Rainstorm is allied with Thorn because she likes Thorn's army and responsibility. Rainstorm does not like Queen Glacier because Glacier invaded the MistWings' kingdom. The MistWing queen, Skye, is a good friend of Rainstorm's. To her siblings, Rainstorm is more commonly known as Rain. Rainstorm does not ever want to mate because she doesn't want the burden of dragonets. She wants to be free to travel everywhere without little ones tying her down. She wants her sisters' children to be her heirs.

Royal Family

Rainstorm (queen)

Skyfire (Rainstorm's sister)

Syrena (Rainstorm's sister)

Cacti (Rainstorm's sister)

Heath (Skyfire's mate)

Jaysand (Syrena's mate)

Ciara (Skyfire's daughter)

Ravenflower (Syrena's daughter)

Rohan (queen's late father)

Passion (queen's late mother)