Razorwings have changed very much including many things that happened so this page explains it


King komodo

despite the rumor of killing the queen komodo became king

Queen crystal

a Razorwing who became the wife of komodo and also queen

Komodo's story

Komodo was once a strange dragon that was one of a kind

and rumored to kill the queen he was adopted by hydrawings and was quite intellegent when he first went back to the razorwings he met a travling rubywing they became freinds and komodo became depressed when his freind left to go home. when he heard that all the rubywings were killed by an volcanic eruption he locked himself in a corridor and forced himself to survive with nothing He lived in there for 3 years and then he broke out

the rest of his story was a blurr so ill still tell you the rest he encountered leviathan the Eel-wing

which saved him many times and then well he became royalty but im not gonna tell you how! 


the razorwings united with serpentwings and hydrawings and became close allies but not much else happened.