This is a tribe by the same user as ShineWings.


ScrapWings are a very unusual tribe. Instead of looking like normal dragons,they are made of different parts from other tribes or even other animals. For example,a ScrapWing could have a SandWing head,MudWing horns,a bear's body,a zebra's neck,a raven's wings,a SeaWing's legs,and a crocodile's tail.


ScrapWings were made by the animus NightWing Lifemaker,in hopes of creating a unique tribe. He sewed together several animal and dragon parts in the shape of a dragon,and then enchanted it to be alive. He did this to several other 'dragons',and a new tribe was born. These new dragons flew off to the very tip of Pyrrhia's 'wing',and made their home there.


The ScrapWing kingdom is located in secret at the tip of Pyrrhia's 'wing',just above the Sky Kingdom. This place is very rocky,and has several creeks. It is sparsely forested.


ScrapWings have names that are either a combination of animal names (Chimptuna,Liger) or names to do with combination (Combo,Sew).


Queen Dust.