His scales are white, and his face has purple flecks. The underside of the wings are as dark as night. His eyes are a light pink at first, then go higher to light blue colour. All his horns on his tails are a little crooked left, but he uses it as a advantage.


He believes his tribes ways are the best, and he remembers insults to his tribe. He has a great speech skill, but only uses it as a last item, since he cant speak to large crowds, or he stares warily at them. He has very little friends, and all of them are not spellwings.


He was into an only child family. He lived in class 10, and didn't have a good school to learn stuff, since his parents had just enough for the basics. He became interested with scavengers. His child hood, Queen Erudite(or similar to that name) ruled over, so he didn't have a good childhood. He remembers the slaves, hardly anyone got food, and the ones lower had nothing to eat. He remembers that era, until her daughter took over, and things got better, but class 10 and lower still got the end of it. He stayed in the spellwing land and studied scavengers when he was a teenager. He found out many new things, then he heard of the were-dragon lab. He wants to go there, but he wants to stay in spellwing lab. He decided once he gets enough money(he has a lot of half time jobs) he would go there to study them.