This is just my newbie page of a dragon I would like to make as fanon  for Wings of Fire. Enjoy and I apreciate all opinions and tips. Remember, no plagiarizing. I will often grant permission. IF ASKED. Thank you!

Looks and Weapons

A stonewing is a dragon made mostly of stone. A stonewing is generally is plain stone. whether granite, or alabaster, ect. Their stone build makes them very difficult to hurt, but Brightwings, (seen on another page) can cut them since metals are stronger than stones. (also stonewings are rarely seen by dragons and only occasionally seen by scavengers.) can throw well, rocks, with their minds. but they are held back and unable to fly because of being stone. they live in caves all over phyria but are often by-pased because they are lazy and are often just seen as rocks, though they are actually sleeping dragons. or dead ones of course. lol

Rare stonewings and Stonewing Backround

The only known rare Stonewing, is the stonewing queen, Stella, who is made of crystals. She is more fragile than the other stone or even normal dragons, but when she is in danger, can turn any dragon to stone. not as a stonewing, but a statue. The backround of the stonewings is simple. Dragons and scavengers used to carve dragons out of stone, and the scavengers continually hoped their dragons would come alive and help them fight the other dragons, but they couldn't. So when the scavengers left their statues unattended, the animus dragons would come across them and give them life. (btw orca the statue may have been an experimented stonewing with the failure to have life long-term.)

Oh and another dragon Idea i had.


Cloudwings are white dragons with paper thin iridescent scaled wings. (their wings are useless though. just for show.) they prefer to hide among the clouds which they can stand on because they are much lighter than most dragons. MUCH MUCH lighter. They can turn into a mist, and have the ability to teleport places. They have no known weapons, and if in extreme heat, cannot teleport. they live off of the water in the air and can eat plants grown in the cloud kingdom, (above the kingdom of the sea and mud kingdom unless moved by winds.) Can eat anything but anything they are not used to will make them extremely sick, maybe to the point of death. (lol when you see a dragon shaped cloud, it's probably one of them.)