Long ago... the HawkWings almost wiped out the SkyWings.

Frontal assault

The HawkWings Turned out to be both fast and deadly. SkyWing blood turned the ocean into a red color. Piercing victory cries hung in the air. As the frontal assault got more and more SkyWings, a HawkWing soldier died in an act of kindness, believe it or not. his name was Tearer, and was the brother of Queen Ripper. He had a mate and dragonets, and didn't want to fight. One SkyWing had aimed a deadly blow at his mate and he threw himself in front of her. The blow slashed his wing off, leaving him to plummet into the sea. But his sacrifice wasn't in vain; his mate made the HawkWing peace rebellion.

Main assault

Now the SkyWings couldn't even hit the HawkWings, because they died first. Soon the Blood of the Skywings merged into all water in HawkWing territory. It was raining blood. Two dragonets had dove into tunnels that led away from the monstrous scene. After the battle the mountain where the battle was held was renamed Blood Mountain. The SkyWing dragonets, too young to fly, lived in the tunnels until they were old enough to take flight and repopulate the SkyWings.