Based off of Mortal Instruments interpretation of vampires. (Work in progress)


VampireWings are ancient dragons and live for a long time (oldest was 5,000). They can be killed in all the usual methods of vampire slaying, such as sunlight, a steak, holy objects, etc. Some VampireWings can survive sunlight by consuming the blood of an AngelWing. VampireWings are not born, they are created. If another dragon ingests the blood of a VampireWing, when they die they will become a VampireWing. They have super strength and do need to breathe and there heart does beat, because they are reanimated corpses. A VampireWing must consume 1 liter of blood every week to stay sane, and if they do not feed at least 1 liter per week, they will go into an animilistic state, and will only become sane once they consume 50 liters.


VampireWings live in groups called clans, and they are lead by a clanleader. When the clan leader is killed, the killer becomes the new clanleader. Most VampireWings borrow underground when daylight nears, and they can sense when the sun sets/rises. VampireWings do not need dragon blood, they can feed on any type of blood, thus many VampireWing bars keep some animals as sources of blood, but they keep them alive for later uses.