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Welcome to the Wings of Fire Fan Tribes Wiki

This is a wiki devoted to all of your fan tribes, serving as a place where you can post tribe ideas to your heart's content.


Wings of Fire belongs specifically and explicitely to Tui T. Sutherland. All original content, including tribes, characters, and the storyline, belong to her, and only her. Please support the official content. Thank you.


We have very few rules here, please try to follow them:

  1. Please don't edit other people's tribes without permission. If you didn't make it, don't edit it.
  2. Try to avoid making tribe member lists. This isn't an extension of the fanon wiki, so we don't need character lists. Royal families (or other important positions) are fine, though.
  3. Don't use pictures that you didn't create without explicit permission from the owner. This is essentially stealing, and they will be removed without warning.
  4. Do not flame (hate on) other users. It is rude and very detrimental to others and is frowned upon.
  5. Please do not swear. We want to keep this wiki a friendly environment. Swearing will be censored without warning.
  6. We like constructive criticism, but use some common sense. Don't hate on people's ideas. These types of comments will be removed without warning.
  7. Do not make false reports on users. User reports that are filed without significant evidence will be disregarded.
  8. Do not impersonate other users.

All users will be issued a warning before consequences are carried out.

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