Messy drawing of a Wolfwing.

Wolfwings are deep gray or black dragons with silver moony-colored manes and tail tips. They have blue crescent marks around their eyes that range from navy blue to sea blue-greens to periwinkle shades.  Wolfwings can breath fire, but there have been some cases of wolfwings who can breath white or blue fire. They are property of Shade Wing1.



Sorry! I really wanted to draw a WolfWing, and I really hope you don't mind! - QueenAltari

Wolfwings used to live in an area that is now part of Skywing territory. The Skywings drove them out to get more territory on their queen's orders. The Wolfwings settled in the rain forest for a short time, until Skywings tracked them down and decided to finish the job.

The Rainwing queen drove them out so that they wouldn't attract Skywings to their village. They now live in or around the forest around Jade Mountain.


Queen Lupus

King Canis

Princess Beta

Prince Timbur