WOODWINGS by Mousers
WARNING! This dragon is copyrighted by Mouses. If you wan't to use this dragon, please ask him.

The  Woodwing is a fanon tribe for the Wings of Fire series. Their home is in the woods, and, as you will later read, stole it back from sky wings.

The Woodwing is a small dragon, half the size of a regular dragon. Its colors are Dark or light green, gray, or dark blue. They live in the mountains, on an island west of Pyrrhia. A long time ago, Skywings took over their island. After the great war, the tiny Wood Wings attacked the Sky Wings and took over their forest as their own. Although small in size, the Wood Wing is extra sneaky and deadly. Their colors easily blend into the trees of their home. They come with hot fire, night vision, and a whip-like tale that can shoot small poison spines with accuracy and ease. They can hold their breath for 30 minutes and are a excellent swimmers. Their society is made up of a...

Thorn the WoodWing

Queen- Queen Splinter

King- KingFisher

Elders-Crow Beak

Warriors- Thorn (The WoodWing)

Hunters and Fishers



These small dragons are very social and love company. They are peaceful, but when it comes to their home, they will defend it at all costs. The Wood Wings care for their young, and have a private hatchery in their homes. Their homes are burrowed in the ground, built in trees, hills, or on rock ledges. Their territory is large and in the middle of it it all, is the lake that sustanes all the life of the Wood Wings. The near bye scavengers were scared, and gave their babies to the dragons as a offering to please them. They give one child every 15 years. The dragons didn't know what to do, not kill them, that was against their culture. so they kept them as pets, like flower in the brightest night.